Meet Matt Jenkins, PhD

  • Personal Coach

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Exercise Psychology)

  • Personal Trainer (UK-trained)

I empathise with the struggle to lead a healthy lifestyle. My own experiences of being inconsistently healthy inspired me to study and research behaviour change and obtain a doctorate in exercise psychology.

Understanding, empathy, and compassion are central to what I do. We all face challenges in staying healthy, not least finding the time and motivation to do so. By collaborating with clients and encouraging them to find solutions that work for them, I have seen many people develop long-lasting motivation for healthy lifestyles. Everyone is different, and therefore no two approaches are the same.

I've worked as a personal trainer and fitness class instructor for close to a decade. I am a reflective practitioner - over the course of years of my work I have studied peoples’ habits, motivations, and behavioural patterns (including my own), and have developed an understanding of what helps people stick to healthy lifestyles.

I have communicated my own and others' research findings to a wide range of audiences. This has ranged from international conferences to public lectures to radio shows. This has also included translating research into practical strategies for behaviour change.


Watch and listen to some of Matt's public talks:

On New Zealand National Radio with Jesse Mulligan.

As a guest on the Science Notes podcast describing how Motivation Matters.

A special guest talk at Australian Catholic University, Sydney. 

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