Have you ever made a health and wellness commitment, joined a gym, or started a diet, but struggled to stick with it?

We can help you achieve your health and wellness goals, whether these be in or out of the gym.


Every day, people join gyms or employ personal trainers to improve their health, lose weight, or to increase their fitness.

They plan to exercise regularly, eat well, reduce their drinking, or stop smoking.

This goes well for a couple of days, weeks, or even months. But then, something happens. Time is suddenly in short supply as work or home life gets busy, healthy routines start to slide. Essentially, life gets in the way.

The gym kit gathers dust, good eating habits fall by the wayside, health and fitness start to slide.

Cue feelings of guilt, regret, and annoyance - your intentions to live a healthier and more fulfilling life are short-lived.

Sound familiar?

Then take a fresh approach to changing your behaviour.

Go beyond gyms and personal training. Go beyond fad diets for short-lived change.

Let us help you find the inspiration to lifelong health, fitness, and wellness.

Based right here in Dunedin, New Zealand, Mensana Movement advocates a healthy approach to behaviour change, starting with you and ending with you.



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